12 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Investing in Stocks

By July 26, 2018Finance
Patience and a balanced approach are among the key factors for successful stock investors.

You wouldn’t walk into a hospital operating room and expect to perform surgery as well as or better than the trained doctor holding the scalpel. You wouldn’t challenge LeBron James to a game of one-on-one and expect to win, either.

Yet loads of amateur investors routinely pick stocks and outperform the Ivy-educated analysts and Wall Street firms.

Therein lies the appeal – and danger – of jumping into the stock market. You already know you should be investing in your 401(k) plan and setting aside retirement money in a mix of stock and bond funds, but maybe you’ve been curious what all the fuss on CNBC is about and have been itching to try your hand at playing the market.

“A great investor does not need a CFA [chartered financial analyst designation] or a tenure on Wall Street, but a clear fundamental background in the sector they are investing in,” said Remy Kouffman, who writes about stocks and investing for a wide range of investing websites, including Seeking Alpha.

We asked stock pros for their best tips for new investors who want to start researching, picking and trading individual stocks. Here’s what they told us.


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